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Ltd “Integra” was founded in 2015 by a group of IT professionals and is oriented on the transformation of the issues into cutting edge digital solutions. We generate value for our customers by leveraging technology innovations. The company’s main areas of expertise include Computing Infrastructure, Network & Security, Video Monitoring, and Analytics. With over 15 years of experience in IT services, design, and infrastructure management, Integra offers guidance through every stage of an organization’s technological transformation.

Our services

What we do


Delivering comprehensive understanding of modern solutions, helping you to choose product that meets your business needs.       



Developing high-level design and technical specifications, customized to form the base for the implementation phase.                        



We will deliver all hardware and software products that are necessary to fulfill the project.                                                                                              



Multivendor hardware/software delivery, integration and setup. Testing and monitoring, making sure that any process is launched without interruptions.



We offer flexible support solutions that reduce the risk of downtime, improve performance and ensuring the whole company runs smoothly.



oriented on the next fields

Network and DATA security

Today’s network architecture requires flexibility and innovation in confronting modern threats. Our Network team gives our customers confidence and a sense of security by implementing the best technology and giving best service. Integra’s network and data security solutions offer comprehensive and flexible security for advanced protection against cyber attacks. We help our customers derive business’ productivity by delivering technological improvements and new standards.


By combining virtualized compute, storage, and networking resources with a standardized platform, our partners get efficient, fault tolerant and powerful systems pushing data availability to maximum, while keeping simplified control over equipment, energy and space of the entire integrated environment. Integra’s experience in IT infrastructure and software defined technologies makes us the preferred partner in digital transformation of customers business.

Personal computing and servers

While being partnered with leading manufacturers of computing systems, we will help your organization acquire best in class personal computers and/or servers of any shape, size and performance. 


We provide the newest, IP-based security monitoring and management system that delivers an exceptional experience to your organization, as well as helping customers cutting costs and making their surveillance systems more flexible, scalable and compatible by adding functionality to existing CCTV infrastructure. Integra will give world-class solutions for your business and provide you with comprehensive systems to ensure that your business is fully protected from any possible loss or damage. 

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Working Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00-18:00

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