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IT Infrastructure

IT infrastructure is a strategic asset for companies of any size. We offer a high-quality and reliable technological design that meets all standards of modern business requirements. Comprehensive information technology includes the following components: Wired & Wireless Network

- Wired & Wireless Network
- Servers & Storages
- Virtualization
- Hyperconvergence Infrastructure
- Communication Systems
- Personal computing systems and peripherals
- Power Systems

Personal computing systems & periphery Today, only high-end professionals can create and operate a reliable IT infrastructure. Integra's team of certified specialists is ready to offer you a service tailored to your unique needs.


Cybersecurity solutions are extremely important for any organization in today's digital environment. A system that is protected from cyber threats is built using a comprehensive approach that includes the following areas:

- Network Security
- Penetration testing
- Integration of GDPR
- Compliance strategy
- Mail Security
- Multi-Factor Authentication
- Endpoint Security

The right technology is an important factor in the safe and continuing operations of your business. Our professional experts will provide you with highly efficient services.

Commercial buildings & security systems

Our Commercial Building Systems department specializes in designing and deploying integrated security and automation solutions for commercial buildings. We offer a complete suite of services that includes

- CCTV monitoring
- intrusion detection systems
- access control
- fire alarm systems
- voice alarm systems
- professional audio

Our experts use cutting-edge technology to automate building systems, which not only helps reduce energy costs but also creates a more comfortable and productive environment for building occupants.

Video management

Our video management and analytics solutions offer powerful features to help you gain valuable business intelligence to deliver valuable insights. Our video analytics solutions help organizations identify trends and anomalies. Detect and monitor user behaviour and traffic movements. This is achieved through the following systems:

- Face recognition solutions
- Incident management & Detection
- Video monitoring centers
- Video Walls
- Display management

Take advantage of comprehensive video management and analytics solutions by partnering with us to optimize your surveillance system.

Managed services

In today's competitive business environment, there is a constant need to optimise business operations. One of the best ways to do this is through Managed Services. We have 3 Managed Services packages with monthly fees that make your IT costs predictable: Maintenance, Remote Systems Management and Managed Services with Onsite Maintenance.

- Project Design
- IT outsourcing
- Commercial buildings security
- Systems maintenance services
- System audit

All our packages include a strategic technology planning service. We also create and maintain a technology plan to help you realize the digital transformation of your business.