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Igor Dolotovski

General Director

Davit Sagatelov

Director of Sales Department

Zura Metaflishvili

Technical Director

Vladimer Svanadze

Senior Cyber Security Researcher

Maksim Iavich

Senior Cyber Security Researcher

We believe in saying no to thousands of projects so that we can really focus on the few that are truly important and meaningful to us. We develop organizations using the latest IT technology solutions that help customers in cutting operational costs while increasing performance. We believe that we can bring to the business a long-lasting, secure, and technologically advanced environment.
Quality, excellence, cost-effectiveness is what we value most. Being customer oriented we value our partner business goals and will dedicate our professional skills, time, and experience to help them meet the best results possible.
Our mission is to help keep your business up to date by delivering modern cost-effective technology solutions to boost your performance while simplifying accessibility and management. We thrive to give you a sense of control and security over your business.
For any business, the performance of their tech assets is directly correlated to profitability. The longer a tech asset can be used, the greater the return on investment. Lifecycle management by Integra focuses on avoiding major damages with continuous, preventive maintenance. This approach improves reliability and transparency as unexpected downtime and costs are reduced. By leaving the systems management to an expert partner you can concentrate on your core business.
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Integra-ში ტექნოლოგიური ინტეგრაციისადმი ჩვენს დამოკიდებულებას განსაზღვრავს სიზუსტე, ინოვაცია და შეუვალი უსაფრთხოება

At Integra, our approach to technology integration is defined by precision, innovation, and unwavering security. We tailor solutions to your unique needs, strategically plan for scalability, leverage cutting-edge technology, prioritize user-friendly design, and embed robust cybersecurity measures. Our commitment doesn't end with implementation – we provide continuous support, ensuring your integrated systems operate seamlessly in the dynamic digital landscape. Experience a new era of connectivity where integration is an art, and security is our foremost promise.

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